As the City prepares the 2024 budget, it faces many of the same challenges that local businesses and members of the community are facing. A core principle behind the development of the City’s budgets is to determine the associated costs that are necessary to deliver on the Council-approved service levels. Added to the overall challenge in this post-pandemic period are supply chain challenges, inflation and interest rate increases, and, in some cases, product scarcity, particularly in construction materials.

Coming into the financial planning period, it is evident that several conditions remain from the past three years that are continuing to impact City’s operations and financial predictability. As with the past three financial years, the City must once again make appropriate adjustments along with financial assumptions in preparing its 2024 budgets and 2024–2028 Five-Year Financial Plan.

On this page, learn more about key budget timelines and processes, view documents, infographics, videos, and ask questions of the City's finance managers. There will be opportunities to engage and provide your input on this site through surveys and forums. Subscribe to get updates on the budgeting process including alerts when surveys and forums are posted.

For historical budget documents, including the City's financial statements, visit the City's budget website.

Supplemental Budget Items

2024 Supplemental Budget Items

Council is considering eight business cases for funding that has been set apart from the rest of the provisional budget because they either represent a change to the level of a service currently provided or they offer something completely new. Public input on these business cases will be collected until 11:59 pm Tuesday, February 27 and Council will receive an engagement report before deciding to include any of the supplemental items in the budget. Click on any item to see more details, participate in a forum discussion, and complete a quick poll to indicate your level of support.
  • 24.1 Kamloops Fire Rescue Medical Response Unit

    Capital $126,000 (2024), Operating $953,000 (annual ongoing)

    This request is for additional KFR support staff and related equipment to provide ancillary support to BC Emergency Health Services for emergency medical responses. KFR has seen a dramatic increase in medical calls for service over the past few years, now accounting for over 60% of all call volume received. KFR is recommending the addition of a Medical Response Unit consisting of an SUV staffed with two medical responders.

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  • 24.2 Funding Agreements

    Operating $136,000 (annual ongoing)

    This request is for additional funding for the funding agreements program, to satisfy the growing needs of organizations with existing agreements, expand the services they are providing, and also to have the ability to consider entering into new agreements for needed services that align with Council’s strategic plan.

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  • 24.3 Todd Road Sidewalk

    Capital $1,700,000 (2025 and 2026)

    This request is for the installation of a sidewalk on the north side of Todd Road between Barnhartvale Road and Ronde Lane as part of the upcoming Todd Road Reconstruction Project planned to be completed in 2024 and 2025. This cost includes the concrete sidewalk, driveway crossings, concrete curb and gutter, catch basins, and drainage tie-ins. If funding is approved, the entire reconstruction project would be delayed, starting in 2025.

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  • 24.4 Rose Hill Road Pedestrian Pathway

    Capital $2,000,000 (2025-2026)

    This request is for the installation of a 700-metre pedestrian pathway on Rose Hill Road between the Hidden Valley mobile home park and Valleyview Drive. Last year, the project was identified as a low priority safety improvement in a design brief on potential road safety upgrades between Valleyview Drive and the future Qu’Appelle Boulevard extension. Due to challenging topography along Rose Hill Road, shoulder width is limited, presenting a challenge to pedestrians.

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  • 24.5 500 Block Victoria Street Streetscape Project

    Capital $3,100,000 (2026)

    The Downtown Streetscape Improvement Budget is funded by Gaming Revenue and was first introduced into the Five-Year Financial Plan in 2008 contributing to significant streetscape improvements throughout Downtown. Due to recent cost escalations, additional funds are required to complete the next priority streetscaping project–the 500 block of Victoria Street–in 2026.

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  • 24.6 Solid Waste Truck Technology

    Capital $202,000, Operating $69,750 (2024-2026)

    The City is seeking to add technology to its fleet of residential trucks to improve operational efficiencies, reduce recycling/organics contamination (which cost the City $65,000 in penalties in 2022), and reduce costs associated with “go-backs” for missed collections (costing around $45,00 last year). Staff recommend installing routing technology on all 17 side-load trucks and installing AI technology on the seven trucks that collect recycling.

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  • 24.7 Drainage Program Capital Funding Increase

    Capital $2,000,000 (2025)

    This business case recommends a budget increase to $4.5 million per year for the Drainage Capital Plan beginning in 2025 to allow for asset management, the construction of additional risk mitigation projects, and to address increasing costs. Not increasing funding would defer projects 10 or more years and increase the risk that a major rainfall or flood event will cause significant damage to infrastructure, public, and/or private property.

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  • 24.8 Heritage House Parking Area

    Operating $50,000 (2024)

    Heritage House parking lot is an under-utilized asset. By redesigning this area to create a flexible, multi-purpose space with capability to add additional power and water hookups for vendors, this parking lot will benefit all park users and event organizers while also protecting park greenspace from damage. The proposed funds would be used in 2024 to conduct a review of the area to develop a project proposal for Council's future for consideration.

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