September 14, 2019: Bylaw Officers Go Above And Beyond

24 September, 2019

September 14, 2019 (via Staff Shout Outs page)
"I just wanted to say thank you to all the different bylaw officers that have helped me over the past several years. Last year, I contacted the bylaw department to complain about the overgrown weeds in the parking lot next door to my apartment complex. The weeds were impairing people with mobility aids from using the sidewalk and the owner of the lot was not fixing the problem so the bylaw officer went above and beyond his job to help the people with disabilities by coming and actually removing the weeds from the sidewalk. Everyone was so grateful in the neighbouring apartment complex. This year, other bylaw officers helped deal with some homeless individuals who were causing some problems in the area, and they dealt with it right away and in a respectful and friendly manner. Other bylaw officers were so kind to me and didn't fine me when I had my tiny chihuahua off leash and without a collar. I explained that the dog has a breathing / throat condition which makes it difficult for her to wear a collar or harness but that she is registered with the City and that I have the dog tag and full control over the dog who walks exactly at my heel and doesn't run wild. Two other bylaw officers helped my mom void two different parking tickets. She is a senior with a disability and forgot to hang her disability placard on the rear view mirror of the car. They were so kind and understanding and immediately voided her tickets. Another bylaw officer was so nice to me when my old dog died. I was really upset at the park and she told me about how they can help people with taking care of the remains after their animals pass away and gave me information that I can use in the future if/when my new dog passes away. The bylaw officers have such a difficult job and the staff at the Kamloops branch are truly amazing, kind, professional, friendly and absolutely wonderful. I'm sorry I don't remember their specific names, but I just wanted to say thank you."
-Laura Carroll, Resident

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