Kamloops Fire Rescue is made up of over 165 dedicated personnel who work hard every day to ensure that the communities we serve are as safe as they can be. No matter who, when, or why someone calls for help, our staff makes sure we can respond in a timely and professional manner to assist those in need. Kamloops Fire Rescue provides fire suppression and response to medical calls, motor vehicle incidents, hazardous materials, and emergency rescue. In addition, the department provides public education, building inspections and permits, conducts fire investigations and plan reviews.

In 2024, Kamloops Fire Rescue aims to complete a Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Cover document to identify the unique characteristics of our community to perform an all-hazard risk assessment, determine response strategies relative to the risks and hazards, assess the historical quality of emergency response performance, identify what is working well and where challenges exist, and establish plans for maintenance or improvement as might be required.

The outcome of this work will be to establish a benchmark level of service approved by City Council that is a balance of what is acceptable, appropriate, and affordable in meeting industry standards, best practices, and community needs. Ultimately, the Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Cover document will aid in the creation of a 10-Year Kamloops Fire Rescue Master Plan.

To understand the existing state of service, Kamloops Fire Rescue has conducted an overview of critical data through internal resources and provided businesses and residents the opportunity for feedback on expectations, experiences, and interactions through a survey and other collection tools on this page from March 4 to March 31, 2024. The feedback received will be reviewed and taken into consideration when building the final document and recommendations to be brought forward to Council in 2024.