Big Move #5: Zero-Waste/Circular Economy

TARGET: Kamloops to be a zero-waste community by 2040. POLICY OPTIONS: 5A - Zero-Waste Research and Innovation Centre Create a zero-waste research and innovation centre Support businesses for materials reuse, products as a service, upcycling, and more 5B - Local Organics Collection and Processing Capture all organic waste for beneficial end use Investigate producing biofuel from local organics for city uses (e.g. for fleet vehicles or heating civic facilities) Explore the feasibility of increasing landfill gas capture rates for beneficial end use (e.g. for fleet vehicles or generating electricity) 5C - Waste Diversion Reduce and/or divert 90% of paper, yard and wood waste from entering the landfill by 2032 Explore strategies and opportunities to reduce single-use items and plastics Implement requirements for waste diversion and materials reuse from construction and demolition sites Integrate waste systems with local energy production
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