Big Move #4: Zero-Carbon Homes & Buildings

TARGET: By 2030, all new and replacement heating and hot water systems to be zero emissions. POLICY OPTIONS: 4A - New Buildings - Community-Wide Set targets for zero-carbon new buildings and encourage low-carbon new buildings with existing tools (e.g. Step Code) Advocate to the Province for stronger zero-carbon building regulations Incentives for energy efficiency and low-carbon buildings (e.g. municipal top-up towards provincial/utility incentives) Explore incentives for energy efficient building materials and embodied carbon requirements 4B - Existing Buildings - Community-Wide Support an ambitious program to retrofit existing buildings, focusing on health, climate resilience and greenhouse gas emissions reduction Explore incentives, financing and marketing opportunities to encourage retrofits of existing buildings; leverage available grant funding whenever possible 4C - Thompson Rivers University Electrification Learn from TRU’s aggressive carbon reduction program for buildings (i.e. all new buildings to use clean energy for space and water heating; convert existing buildings by 2030) Explore opportunity to leverage for local industry capacity-building
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