Big Move #3: Zero-Emissions Transportation

TARGET: By 2050, 85% of kilometres driven by Kamloops registered passenger vehicle owners to be by zero-emissions vehicles. Click here to review a summary of the Big Moves. POLICY OPTIONS: 3A - Zero-Emissions Vehicle Strategy for Light-Duty Vehicles Advocate for stronger zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandates from provincial/federal governments Develop a public charging network and require EV charging in new developments Encourage EV adoption through incentives and outreach Develop zero-emission zones and ZEV priority parking Encourage EV car-share, taxi, and ride hailing 3B - Enhanced ZEV Strategy for Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Support BC Transit’s Low Carbon Fleet Program which aims to replace diesel buses with electric or renewable natural gas buses Support a transition to zero-emissions school buses Explore introducing a fee for commercial loading/parking that is discounted for zero-emissions vehicles
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