Big Move #2: Car-Light Community

TARGET: By 2050, 50% of trips in Kamloops to be by active transportation and transit. POLICY OPTIONS: 2A - Low-Emissions Superblocks and Zones Downtown superblock pilot to convert streets into areas that prioritize walking/cycling, greenspace, and/or public gathering Prioritize low-emissions vehicles in certain areas of city 2B - Active Mobility Accelerate the build-out of the cycling and walking network to make it easy, safe, and accessible to walk, cycle, and “roll” Provide incentives for E-bike and cargo-bike purchases, and secure bike parking with access to electricity Support development of micro-hubs that enable low-carbon freight delivery or shared mobility services (e.g., bike sharing, scooter sharing) 2C - Transit and School Bus Service Tune Up Optimize transit service to the community’s land use Increase transit frequency in areas of increased population and employment densities Extend school bus service to cover students who live more than 1.6 km from school (currently 4 km) Implement a walking school bus program for students who live less than 1.6 km from school 2D - City-wide Transportation Demand Management Support the implementation of transportation demand management programs that help people make fewer trips by car and use more sustainable transportation options such as transit, ridesharing, walking, and biking. 2E - Kamloops Car Share Support the development of a city-wide car-share program to reduce the number of privately-owned vehicles operating in the city and encourage more sustainable modes of transportation
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