Key Proposed Changes for Single and Two-family Residential Development

In the proposed Zoning Bylaw, the single- and two-family zones are organized sequentially by minimum lot size, and the existing RS-5 zone has been removed (merged with the RS1) zone.

Key proposed changes for single and two-family development include the following:

  • Home-based business regulations that will allow customers to come to the residence of a one-person, home-based personal service business, personal training business, animal grooming business, or photography studio business (customers are not currently permitted).

  • Updated zoning for properties that are designated Urban in the Official Community Plan and currently zoned RS-2 (Single Family Residential-2) or RS-5 (Single Family Residential-5) in Westsyde or Dufferin to RS1 (Single Family Residential 1) to reduce the minimum lot size required for subdivision; RT-2 (Two Family Residential-2) zoned lots in Westsyde will be updated to RT1 (Two-Family Residential 1) to reduce the minimum lot size for single and two family development.

  • Updated zoning for properties that are designated Urban in the Official Community Plan and currently zoned RS-2 (Single Family Residential-2) in Dallas, the Benchlands in Juniper, and the Glenmore Estates area of Aberdeen to a new zone, RS2S (Single Family Residential 2 Suites), which allows legal secondary suites and garden suites, but retains the existing RS-2 zone’s minimum lot size required for subdivision (929 m2).

  • Increased maximum allowable footprint of accessory buildings on large lots in urban zones from the current 80 m2 to 112 m2 to provide consistent development potential between urban and suburban areas.

  • Updated definitions for “average finished grade”, “finished grade”, and “storey” reduce overall building height and eliminate the potential for building houses that appear to be four-storeys tall from the rear on lots in two-storey zones that slope down from the road. Reduced maximum structure height 15 m to 12 m also supports more modest-scaled houses.

  • Required minimum front yard landscaping for a single- and two-family development (40% on single-family lots) to improve neighbourhood aesthetics and provide greater opportunity for storm water retention.

  • Increased maximum fence heights in residential front yards from 1 m to 1.2 m to allow homeowners to install standard 4 ft. (1.2 m) fences on their properties in compliance with regulations.

  • Added new RT-1C zone—now allows “small lot intensive” duplexes—duplexes on 15 m wide lot with minimum lot area of 464 m2 (formerly required 18 m width and 557 m2 lot area), subject to access restricted to a lane and an intensive residential development permit. This change will affect lots located Downtown, the West End, and McDonald Park neighbourhoods.

  • Replaced the current RC-2 (Comprehensive Development-2) zone with a new RT1S (Two-Family Residential 1 - Suite) zone, and replaced the current RC-3 (Comprehensive Development-3) zone with a new RS1M (Single-Family Residential 1 - Micro) zone. A development permit continues to be required in these zones prior to construction.

  • Reduced front yard setback from 6 m to 4.5 m in urban residential suites, provided a 6 m setback is maintained for garages.
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Zoning Bylaw No. 55 was adopted by Council on November 2, 2021. Consultation on this project has concluded. 

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