Key Proposed Changes for Agricultural and Rural Development

In the proposed Zoning Bylaw, the A1 (Agricultural), FD (Future Development), RE (Resource Extraction), CR1 (Country Residential-1), CR2 (Country Residential-2), and CR3 (Country Residential-3) zones have been grouped into a new "Agricultural and Rural Zones" section.

Key proposed changes for agricultural and rural development include the following:

  • A1 (Agricultural) zone
    • Added new permitted uses, including equestrian facility, accessory dwelling unit, agri-tourism, home-based daycare, home-based residential care, lounge adjacent to a recreation facility, plus additional uses for properties in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) – agriculturally-related education and research, biodiversity and wildlife conservation.
    • Increased maximum number of boarders and lodgers from two to four, prohibited motorized sports facilities, increased setbacks for silos, incinerators and waste storage facilities; added a maximum structure height of 18 m; and added regulations for accessory dwelling units.
    • Updated various definitions related to agricultural uses.

  • FD (Future Development) zone
    • Added new permitted uses, including boarders and lodgers to a maximum of four persons, home-based daycare, home based residential care, home-based business.
    • Added a maximum structure height of 12 m to mirror residential zones.

  • Country Residential zones (CR1, CR2, CR3)
    • Reduced minimum side yards setback from 6 m to 3 m (except where property is adjacent to the ALR); reduced minimum side street yard setback from 6 m to 4.5 m; reduced maximum structure height from 15 m to 12 m to mirror other residential zones.
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Zoning Bylaw No. 55 was adopted by Council on November 2, 2021. Consultation on this project has concluded. 

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