Key Proposed Changes for Recreational and Institutional Development

In the proposed Zoning Bylaw, the OS (Open Space), P1 (Parks and Recreation), P2 (Places of Worship), P3 (Schools), P4 (Public and Institutional Use), and P5 (Private Recreation) zones have been grouped into a new “Recreational and Institutional Zones” section.

Key proposed changes for recreational and institutional development include:

  • OS (Open Space) zone
    • Expanded to encompass undevelopable hillside areas currently zoned for residential use, in accordance with the Official Community Plan, as well as drainage corridors currently zoned P1 (Parks and Recreation).

  • P1 (Parks and Recreation) zone
    • Added “cultural facility” as a permitted use and excluded outdoor motorized sports.
    • Added “convention or civic centre” as a permitted use - accompanies changing the zoning of the area adjacent to the Sandman Centre from C-9 (Convention Centre) to P1 (Parks and Recreation) and elimination of the C-9 zone.

  • P2 (Places of Worship) zone
    • Changed name from P-2 (Churches).
    • Added community centres as permitted use.
    • Increased the maximum size of accessory building 65 m2 to 112 m2 (matching regulations proposed for residential zones).

  • P3 (Schools) zone
    • Added a site-specific zoning amendment for the live theatre at 1300 9th Avenue (Sagebrush Theatre).

  • P4 (Public and Institutional Use) zone
    • Changed name of the zone from “Public and Quasi-Public Use” to “Public and Institutional”.
    • Expanded permitted principal uses to include assembly use, assisted living facility, educational/training facility, funeral homes, and convention centres.
    • Expanded permitted accessory uses to include licenced lounge or club, mobile food concession, personal services, restaurant or café.
    • Changed maximum height calculation from 13 m to 4 storeys.
    • Removed site-specific zoning for Prison Farm on Yellowhead highway (now Tournament Capital Ranch).

  • P5 (Private Recreation) zone
    • No changes proposed.

  • P7 (Funeral Home) zone
    • P7 zone removed with P4 zone replacing zoning for any property previously zoned P7.
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Zoning Bylaw No. 55 was adopted by Council on November 2, 2021. Consultation on this project has concluded. 

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