Key Proposed Changes for Parking and Accessibility

The proposed Zoning Bylaw's parking and accessibility regulations put a stronger emphasis on accommodating alternate modes of transportation such as bicycles, pedestrian movements, and electric vehicles.

Key proposed changes for parking and accessibility include the following:

  • Reduced the number of vehicle parking stalls required for commercial developments such as shopping centers, other mixed commercial developments, and restaurants, with additional reductions for commercial development along the Tranquille Commercial Corridor, including hotels.

  • Reduced the number of vehicle parking stalls required for most multi-family development types.

  • Added further reductions in the number of vehicle parking stalls required for multi-family development where the units are provided as affordable market rental housing units or below market rental housing units.

  • Provided additional reductions in the number of vehicle parking stalls required for properties located in close proximity to transit, neighbourhood centres, or where certain streetscape improvements are provided, or where parking stalls that are ready to install Level 2 electric vehicle chargers are provided.

  • Expanded the boundaries of the downtown commercial parking exemption area to match the boundaries of the Central Business District zone, which have been adjusted to implement the City’s recently adopted Downtown Plan.

  • Increased the number of bicycle parking spaces required for commercial and multi-family residential development, with 50% of required multi-family bicycle parking spaces to be dedicated to customers and 10% of required bicycle commercial spaces to be dedicated to visitors.

  • Updated accessible parking requirements to increase the number of required accessible stalls from 1% to 4%; require 50% of accessible stalls to be designed for side-loading vans, and provide specifications for accessible parking stalls.

  • Added requirements for dedicated on-site pedestrian sidewalks for commercial and mixed-use development, for a minimum 0.3 m setback from any wall to a parking stall, for parking stalls to be free of obstructions such as parkade columns, and for turn-around spaces to be provided at end of dead-end parking aisles, to improve pedestrian and vehicle circulation in parking areas.
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Zoning Bylaw No. 55 was adopted by Council on November 2, 2021. Consultation on this project has concluded. 

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