How do I get involved?

    Engagement on this project has now concluded. The project team will be presenting the Downtown Transportation Choices Strategy along with action items to Council late this Fall. Comments on the draft short-, medium-, and long-term actions identified in Phase 2 can be emailed to prior to November 15, 2019.

    What is this project all about?

    The Downtown Transportation Choices Strategy, which is what the City is calling its transportation demand management strategy, will include ambitious, but realistic, programming, education, and promotion actions required to assist residents with adapting to a lifestyle of more transportation choices and relying less on the private automobile. 

    What is a transportation choices strategy?

    Most often, a strategy of this nature is referred to as transportation demand management (TDM). It is a wide range of policies, programs, services, and products that have an effect on how, why, when, and where people travel. TDM programs, services, and measures are designed to encourage the long-term use of active and sustainable travel options such as cycling, walking, taking transit, and carpooling.

    Why is this project important for Kamloops now?

    It is not financially smart or sustainable to build more roads or to widen existing roads. Our community is growing, which means there are more people using the transportation system every day to get to school, work, and extracurricular activities. More people on the roads leads to more congestion. It is important to provide travel options to support individuals who want to reduce their reliance on driving alone. This project provides the framework for using the transportation system more efficiently and utilizing valuable municipal transportation resources more effectively.

    How is this different from the Transportation Master Plan?

    The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a long-term planning guide for the entire transportation network in our city. The Downtown transportation demand management (TDM) strategy is an action item identified from the TMP with a shorter delivery time frame. This TDM strategy focuses on travel to and within the Downtown, and it will identify strategies and programs that encourage travel options to balance for a more efficient transportation network in the community.

    Who is this project actually for? Who’s actually going to consider walking, cycling, or taking transit instead of driving their own car?

    This project is for everyone. We understand that everyone in Kamloops travels differently for various needs; however, we also know that many of our residents are looking for choices when it comes to getting around. This project will provide residents with the tools and information needed to explore their travel choices.

    If your employer was to provide you with a discounted bus pass, would you use it? If you had access to a car share, would you keep your car or use it less? What if you could get to work in about the same time by bicycle as you do driving—would you consider it? Making more trips by walking, cycling, using transit, or carpooling can reduce pollution, improve your physical activity, create a more livable community, and reduce stress—do you want to try it?.