Downtown Transportation Choices Strategy Initiatives

The draft initiatives that are being presented have been organized by short-, medium-, and long-term time-frames and are designed to work as a group of actions for potential effectiveness. 

Your level of support and feedback will be helpful as we continue to move towards the development of the final draft of the Downtown Transportation Choices Strategy (DTC) to present to Council.

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Draft Downtown Transportation Choices Strategy Action Plan

A Downtown Transportation Choices (DTC) Strategy is a wide range of policies, programs, services, and products that aim to have an affect on how, why, when, and where people travel. DTC Strategy initiatives are designed to encourage the long-term use of active and sustainable travel options such as cycling, walking, transit, and carpooling. The draft short-term actions presented here were developed through consultant research and community and stakeholder feedback and are a group of activities that rely on each other for effectiveness and are as presented as a whole. They would be implemented in a one to two year time-frame once adopted by Council.

Short-Term Actions

Short term actions
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