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Hillside Stadium

about 1 year ago

Hillside Stadium

Hillside Stadium opened to the public in 2006 with Canada’s first FIFA certified artificial field, showcased by the World Under 19 Mexico/Canada Soccer Game. The facility has been host to the BC Lions Training Camp since 2010 and is home to the Kamloops Broncos. The turf and track are at the end of their expected service levels and require replacement to maintain the level of quality expected from this facility.

Planned updates or replacement:
  • 2019
    -sound system
    -permanent throws cage
    -media booth roof and HVAC

  • 2020
    -artificial turf
    -track surface

Scheduled construction start: 2019

Potential impacts during construction:
  • minimal impacts in 2019
  • track and field closures in 2020 

Other items being considered to improve the functionality of the stadium:
  • removable air-supported dome to allow for year-round usage of the track and field
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