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Canada Games Aquatic Centre

about 1 year ago

Rendering: Enclosed breezeway - lower level

The Canada Games Aquatic Centre opened to the public in 1993 after hosting the Canada Summer Games. The building envelope (walls and roof); mechanical; electrical; and heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems have all been well maintained, but they are original to the building and near or past their expected design life. Aside from extending the life of the building, these updates will also significantly improve the energy efficiency of the building, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make the building more sustainable.

Planned updates or replacement:
  • 2020
    - building envelope (walls and roof)
    - mechanical system
    - electrical system
    - heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) system
    - lighting
    - boilers

Scheduled construction start: Late 2020

Potential impacts during construction:
  • pool closures
  • reduced parking
  • noise in other areas of TCC

Other items being considered to improve the space and functionality of the facility:
  • enclosure of breezeway to improve energy efficiency and increase usable space on a restrictive site
  • addition of second-level entry 
  • relocation of change rooms and multi-purpose rooms
  • installation of a dive tank, as proposed in the original design
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  • adamprice04 7 months ago
    I agree with what many others are saying: a full dive tank would be a great idea. As a member of BC Diving, I feel like the local diving team (Riptech) does a fantastic job hosting diving meets at the local and regional level - with a full diving facility, and Kamloops' reputation of being the Tournament Capital of Canada, I could easily see provincial and even national level events being held in Kamloops!
  • Charlie Bruce about 1 year ago
    Pools are and always will be a physical and financial challenge for any community/city that has one. Certainly Kamloops is no exception. We are however, blessed with a well-used pool and leisure area for kids and parents. Usage of the pool has been on the increase over the past years. TRU and students will continue to take advantage of the facility as will local schools.The aquatics center is well known throughout the Province for hosting swim meets at local, Provincial, National and International levels. That speaks volumes to the facility, staff andcoaches that bring these events to both the pool and our city.Given the challenges of maintaining such a well-used facility, theneeds to be proactive and visionary is essential. Looking well down the road in regards to upkeep, maintenance and future changes is a must. Keep up the great work staff!
  • RC03 8 months ago
    We love the Canada Games Pool! Our kids both learned to swim at TCC. I always told them they needed to learn how to swim well enough so we could go to Mexico and swim in the ocean. Mission accomplished! We are planning to take them in November. 😌
  • Janna 8 months ago
    I would love to see the dive tank installed. To have an area dedicated to diving and a 10 meter platform would allow us to host a lot more diving events! We are the Tournament Capital of Canada after all!!!
  • Jpchuck about 1 year ago
    It would be a lovely idea to add a heated walkway when headed back to the change rooms. As a mother of two young children, this would be a great solution that all parents of little ones would love to have solved. Infact, all facility users would appreciate this!The blast of cold air that hits you as you enter the coridor/hallway, is something we all dread. Maybe heat in the family change area waiting hall would be great as well, as it can take a while waiting for a room to open, and little ones are shivering.
    • lefuglyduck 9 months ago
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    • lefuglyduck 9 months ago
      Your Comment: Agreeeeeed, that brutal cold blast that you get when you leave the pool into the changing areas needs to be fixed! It could be probably be fixed inexpensively too. Also the change rooms need squeegees, so we can quickly clean the disgusting floors. And the showers... Some of them are like being pelted by a stream of needles. And good luck keeping the water at a steady temperature because the handle "falls" down.
  • lefuglyduck 9 months ago
  • Nicole Edwards 10 months ago
    In the life of a competitive swimmer, synchronized swimmer or diver 6-12 months without a viable facility to train is incomprehensible. Would it not make sense to build an additional 25m pool in the back parking lot that incorporates a dive tank, prior to beginning maintenance to the 50m pool? That way there is a pool for hard working athletes to continue their pursuits. Without this athletes dreams of scholarships, nationals and provincials are virtually unattainable. I have even heard of families planning to move to another city in order for their child to continue their sport. Furthermore how the swim, dive and synchronized clubs could continue to run and offer lessons and meets is highly questionable. A 3 or 4 day swim meet brings over 1500 people to the tournament capital a number of times each year. Generating considerable spending on hotels and food in Kamloops. The tournament capital really needs to consider the impact on the clubs and its athletes and consider building an additional pool before undergoing what may well become another 2 year fix like Westsyde.
  • Corvairdave 11 months ago
    I'm not sure of the details of the dive tank, but could it be used as a 'cold plunge' pool when not in use for scuba diving. If situated near the sauna and steam room, it would be a welcome addition for TCC. The benefits off heat and cold therapy are widely known and if this pool could be maintained at 50 or 60 degrees F it would be ideal. Current users of the sauna and steam room plunge into the deep end of the main pool and sometimes interfere with ongoing activities. Many spas and hot springs have these cold plunges. Where can I get details of the dive tank that was in the original design? Cheers, Dave
  • seamonkey 11 months ago
    Completing all of the upgrades and construction at once makes both practical and financial sense. A dive tank would be a great addition and well used - there are always line ups for the diving boards when they are open, and it would support our local and growing Riptech dive club. I am concerned about how Riptech(dive club), Kamloops Classic Swim Club(competitive swimming, lifeguarding skills, swim lessons) and Sun Rays (synchronized swimming) are going to be able to weather the construction period. These clubs give youth in our community opportunities for healthy activity and living, a sense of belonging and life skills - keeping kids out of trouble! I hope the city plans to assist these groups and find time and space for them at alternate facilities. They also bring competitions and money into our city, raising our Tournament Capital profile. 6-12 months is a long time in the life of an athlete and will make it hard for our local clubs to retain world class talent(Riley McRae, Sarah Koopmans, Keana Smart National Level Swimmers; Sawyer Niedziejko national novice diver) and coaches(Neil Barrett former national champion diver and world championship coach and Erin Barrett former Olympian, international medalist and national champion diver ). The work will be worth it but the city needs to work hard to minimize the cost of talent and activity loss for our local user groups. I want to continue to read about our local athletes doing great things for years to come, not just read articles about the growing graffiti, petty crime and drug issues of idle Kamloops youth.
  • LewisHill about 1 year ago
    To keep the City viable for world-class competitions the facility does need a dive tank. This can also be utilized for lessons, syncro swimming, etc. Redesigning the access to the facility is a must to protect people and their valuables. The family change rooms need renovation as well.
  • mac gordon about 1 year ago
    Please no dive tank as it would rarely be used. I worked at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre and the dive tank was for the most part empty. However a wave pool is a completely different case. I see no reason as to why a wave pool can't be added to the existing leisure pool which is presently far too small. Also enlarging the whirl pools would be well received in my opinion.
  • rfrocklage about 1 year ago
    I believe any investment into the pool is a win. Pools are one of the most commonly accessed public recreational areas. The enclosed breezeway is a great idea. Adding the dive tank would stimulate higher level competitions and bring awareness/ exposure to a really neat sport. Kamloops would be the most northernly community in BC that could then host provincial, national and possibly higher level events if we had a well laid out dive tank with adequate viewing and good accessibility. Go for it!
  • emb94 about 1 year ago
    I agree a second entry is a great idea! Please consider having a designated line-up for scan-ins only. The current system in place is confusing and everyone ends up in the same line anyways. The other day I waited nearly 10 minutes to get a wristband to go workout.
  • alma about 1 year ago
    Love the idea of a second entry, it will hopefully create less waiting times to enter during peak hours! A second floor to the gym would be great!!!
  • alma about 1 year ago
    Love the idea of a second entry, it will hopefully create less waiting times to enter during peak hours!
  • Jhondzel about 1 year ago
    I believe that closing in the breezeway is a great idea to add to the useable space of the facility. Also, adding a dove tank would increase the usefulness of the facility potentially attracting more events to the city. A second-level entry is not required and would only add to the operational costs as someone would need to staff the entrance.