City Council Adopts Revised Zoning Bylaw Amendments Regarding EV Charging Infrastructure Requirements

September 20, 2022 - City Council has adopted revised zoning bylaw amendments regarding electric vehicle charging infrastructure requirements for all new residential development at time of construction, effective January 1, 2023.

At the July 19 Public Hearing, Council considered an amendment that would have required new residential developments to pre-wire an energized electrical outlet capable of providing Level 2 EV charging for a minimum of one parking space per dwelling unit.

Following the public hearing, Council authorized the bylaw but directed staff to revise the amendment such that new residential developments are required to “rough-in” specified electrical infrastructure at time of construction to enable a future owner/occupant to complete the necessary connection.

City staff met with the Canadian Home Builders Association-Central Interior to discuss options to address Council’s direction.

The resulting revised Zoning Amendment, Bylaw No. 55-9, 2022 (Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Requirements) outlines three distinct definitions to guide developers and builders at time of construction: EV Capable Parking, EV Ready Parking, and EV Installed Parking, as highlighted in the illustrations.

As adopted, new residential development under Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 55-9, 2022 will provide ‘EV Capable Parking’ which means constructed to include the following: electrical panel capacity, wiring and/or continuous conduit or raceway (as applicable) from the panel and terminating at a junction box near the designated EV parking space(s), including allocating space for all additional electrical and EV charging infrastructure required to energize the circuit and supply power to future Level 2 EV chargers.

Next steps include ensuring project milestones are met to enable the requirements to come into effect January 1, 2023, including working with industry partners to support training and communication efforts to help local industry prepare for the requirements.

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