Residential Suites Survey

Please complete this brief survey to provide your feedback regarding potential changes to the Zoning Bylaw to allow suites in more residential areas of the city. 

Individual responses will remain anonymous. Results from the survey will inform the process and be shared in an upcoming report to Council. The Suites Survey closes on February 24.

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Here’s what you need to know about suites before starting the survey:

SUITE TYPES: A secondary suite is a second dwelling unit that has a total floor area of not more than 90 m² and floor space less than 40% of the habitable floor space of the principal building. The suite must be located within the principal building above or below ground. A garden suite is a self-contained, one- storey dwelling unit that is separate from, subordinate in size to, and accessory to the principal dwelling. The total floor area of a garden suite can be no more than 80 m2 in area. A carriage suite is a self-contained, two-storey dwelling unit that is separate from, subordinate in size to, and accessory to the principal dwelling. The footprint of a carriage suite can be no greater than 80 m2 and cannot have more than 95 m2 of residential living space. REQUIREMENTS: The Zoning Bylaw currently permits secondary suites in certain zones, primarily on lots with a single-family home and no other dwelling units. Garden and carriage suites are only currently permitted on lots with single-family dwellings in the RS-1S (Single Family Residential - Suite) zone. Other regulations that will need to be met for suites to be considered include those pertaining to lot area, width, street frontage, setbacks, off-street parking, and front yard landscaping. In order to construct a legal suite, applicants will be required to obtain the necessary permits and approvals. All suites will be required to meet applicable sections of the BC Building Code, Zoning Bylaw, and other applicable municipal bylaws, and be subject to inspection prior to issuance of an occupancy permit. The form and character of garden and carriage suites are further regulated through the Intensive Residential Development Permit Area guidelines within the Official Community Plan (OCP), also known as KAMPLAN.

Suite Types

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