Residential Suites Zoning Bylaw Considerations - November 2018

09 July, 2019

The City is considering changes to the Zoning Bylaw to allow suites in more residential areas of the city. Suites can provide a form of affordable rental housing for tenants, and act as a mortgage helper for homeowners. Suites help the City increase density in an efficient way by making use of existing services and infrastructure while offering a form of sensitive infill that retains the character of residential neighbourhoods.

Challenges can arise when suites are not constructed under a valid Building Permit or in accordance with zoning regulations. Suites built to BC Building Code standards help protect tenants’ health and safety, and off-street parking requirements in the Zoning Bylaw can help alleviate on-street parking issues in neighbourhoods.

Secondary suites (second dwelling units located within a principal building) are currently permitted in certain zones in urban areas of the city. The City is considering allowing secondary suites as a permitted use on lots with single-family dwellings in all urban neighbourhoods, subject to zoning regulations. Urban neighbourhoods include: Aberdeen, Batchelor Heights, Brocklehurst, Campbell Creek, Dallas, Downtown, Dufferin, Juniper Ridge, Lower Sahali, North Kamloops, Pineview, Sagebrush, Upper Sahali, Valleyview, West End, and Westsyde.

Garden suites (one-storey accessory residential dwellings) and carriage suites (two-storey accessory residential dwellings) are currently only permitted on lots with single-family dwellings in the RS-1S zone (Single Family Residential - Suite). The City is considering allowing garden suites as a permitted use on lots with a single-family dwelling in more urban residential areas of the city. Carriage suites have the potential to have a more significant impact on neighbourhood character than garden suites and will continue to require a rezoning and Development Permit process.

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